Slips, Trips and Falls

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently announced that slips, trips and falls accounted for 800 workplace fatalities in 2015 at a time when workplace deaths in the U.S. reached a six year high.

Slips, trips and falls happen year-round, of course, but winter ice and snow create a more hazardous environment that increases the risk of worker injuries.

Here are six simple tips to avoid slips, trips and falls during the winter season:

1. Keep walkways, stairways and other work areas clear.

2. Remove hazards, such as water on floors and snow on sidewalks immediately.

3. When walking, look where you are going and have your hands ready to steady yourself should you slip.

4. Avoid carrying heavy loads that may compromise your balance.

5. Mark hazardous areas. Use temporary signs, cones, barricades or floor stands to warn passing workers.

6. Outside, wear footwear with heavy treads for increased traction. Walk along grassy areas if a walkway is covered in ice.Make yourself visible to drivers by wearing a brightly colored jacket or clothes.